Urban Boundaries Men’s Lightweight Short Sleeve American Flag Beach Pineapple Shirts



100% Polyester Button closure IS THIS A DURABLE SHIRT, WILL IT SHRINK? This shirt is made of lightweight, but durable, printed 100% polyester. It will be one of the lightest, most comfortable shirts you own. Shrinkage will be minimal as the shirt is made of 100% polyester. Wash the shirt on cold, and dry on delicate. Whether you buy the beach, crab, pineapple, or 4th of July American Flag shirt option ?C you??ll love the way this shirt fits, hangs, and holds up under extended wear. WHAT??S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN REGULAR FIT AND SLIM FIT? The regular fit is a more generous cut shirt designed to fit men who prefer a loose fit or are carrying extra weight in the mid-section. The slim/modern fit shirt takes 1?? out of the chest, waist, and hem area to create a more tailored look. This is perfect for slimmer individuals. See size charts in alternate images. HOW DO I KNOW WHAT SIZE TO ORDER? Use the size charts found in the alternate images. We have a guide based on your sport coat size or weight, find it on the chart and order that size shirt. If you want to be 100% sure you get the right size the first time, find a shirt that fits you great. Measure the chest (1?? below the arm pit), the shoulders (at the back seam to seam), and the waist (6?? down from the arm pit). Use those measurements to select the size closest to your measurements. WHAT FEATURES DOES THIS SHIRT HAVE? This shirt comes with a traditional point collar, an open left chest pocket, clear buttons (including a spare button sewn into the interior placket), rounded shirt hem, and a repeating all over print design. While the designs on each specific shirt are the same, we cannot guarantee that the placement of the designs will be identical from shirt to shirt. This shirt is long enough to be tucked in, but not too long to be worn untucked. WHERE CAN I WEAR THIS SHIRT? That??s easy, anywhere! We??ve designed these shirts to be worn to work, a weekend get together, on a cruise, to the beach, for a bachelor party, fraternity parties, as a costume, the options are endless. The pineapple shirts are great for parties. The crab and sea blue shirts are great for cruises, the beach, or work. The patriotic American flag shirt is perfect for the 4th of July, group gatherings, or year round if you??re patriotic.


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